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Talent philosophy


As a fast-growing medical device platform company, we believe that our people are our best assets and are essential to our growth and sustainability.  We welcome individuals who are passionate about and dedicated towards contributing their time and talents to advancing our mission, which is to develop and provide innovative interventional medical devices to patients to improve their health and quality of life.  On our part, we strive to create ample opportunities for our team members to grow with our company as well as to share in our collective success.

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Focus on Holistic Training & Development

Our talent development strategy is focused on providing continuous training and development opportunities for our staff to learn, re-learn and upskill.  Led by our visionary founder, scientist and serial entrepreneur Dr. Jack Wang, our core management team comprising veterans from established MNCs the medical device industry provides a fountain of knowledge and experience from which to mentor and educate our younger team members.

Assisted by a highly sought-after corporate coach, we conduct internal workshops to motivate our staff and we also provide them with career counselling, personalised mentorship and regular training to help them grow and develop as professionals, as well as maximise use of their unique gifts and talents and unlock their individual potential.

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Focus on Collaboration and Innovation

We recognise that continuous research and development is a strategic necessity for the sustainability of a medical device company.  As such, we seek to foster an organisational culture that thrives on collaboration, promotes the free exchange of ideas, encourages innovation and which stays adaptive and receptive to suggestions and feedback. 

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Fostering Staff Engagement

We believe that our people are our greatest asset and fostering greater employee engagement is a key pillar of our talent retention strategy.  To this end, we actively provide plentiful and meaningful opportunities for all our team members to directly participate in shaping the growth and development of our company.

In addition, we plan and organise various staff engagement activities comprising regular knowledge-sharing sessions, townhall meetings, workshops and team-building activities.

We believe in the need for open and honest communication within our organisation and we maintain an “open-door” approach in which staff are informed they can raise any feedback or concerns they have directly to our management team.

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Fair Remuneration

We believe in offering competitive remuneration packages and providing fair employment conditions and benefits to attract and retain talent.

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Safe and conducive working environment

We are committed to providing a safe and conducive working environment that our team members can thrive in.  We believe in the importance of proper work-life balance and strive to design programmes that can enhance the health and wellness of our team members.


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