Mechanical Thrombectomy Devices

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Stent Retriever​


Aspiration Catheter ​

The first domestic aspiration catheter approved by the NMPA and commercialised in China for the treatment of AIS


Extendible accessory for aspiration catheter​

Access Devices


Balloon Guiding Catheter

Effectively dissuades blood flow while exerting negative pressure aspiration or creating an arteriovenous short circuit to reverse the direction of blood flow. With the advancement of interventional therapy technology and concepts for acute ischemic stroke, BGC has also begun to be used more and more widely in the field of neuro-interventional therapy.


Access Catheter

Provides guiding access for other neuro-interventional devices in the treatment of AIS, intracranial atherosclerosis and hemorrhagic stroke.


Micro Catheter

Gradient design, effective transmission of push force and torque control force, to reach awkward positions. Smooth and seamless pushability with an exclusive hydrophilic coating formula to reduce surface friction of the catheter


Guiding Catheter

Balloon Dilation Devices

Neuro Dilation Catheter (RX)

Latest generation Neuro Dilation Catheter delivering lower pressure within the neuro vessels.


Neuro Dilation Catheter (OTW)

Designed to lower pressure while effectively enhancing safety. Coaxial design improves tractability towards lesion. Better performance through tortuous vessels.